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No Problem
P.O. Box 2911
Grass Valley, CA 95945

No Problem was founded in 2008 to tackle the frustrations that businesses and individuals have with computer systems and other technology.

For individuals, computers are complicated and often difficult, and seem to break down when they're needed most. There are a lot of computer support companies that take advantage of desperate situations or complicated-sounding computer problems. People just want their computers fixed, and they want them to stay fixed, and they don't want to have to spend obscene amounts of money on them or be forced to buy a new computer every couple of years.

For businesses, the problems are the same, but bigger. Instead of one or two computers, there are networks of computers to maintain, and all the other communications technology that goes along with it. Computer maintenance costs can rise quickly and become a serious distraction for the business owner.

That's why we're here. People rely on us to keep their computer systems working without costing them a lot of money. We are professional, honest, affordable, and knowledgeable. Ask us anything -- our clients do, all the time.