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We rely on a few carefully-selected hardware, software, and service partners to fulfill our clients' technical needs.

We try to ensure that all of our clients have a working backup system. But, in case of emergency, if our in-house data recovery system can't do the job and you absolutely need your files rescued from a failed hard drive, we work with Gillware's professional data recovery experts to save your data. We've been very impressed by their service so far. Their technicians are professional, friendly, and easy to work with, and they won't charge you unless they're able to recover the data you're looking for. We coordinate shipping with them, get their technicians started with a description of our findings, and follow up throughout the data recovery process. You get the opportunity to preview the data that they've been able to rescue. They're good people and we're happy to work with them.

We've been building our hosted services on Linode's network of virtual private servers for a few years now. Their best feature is their amazing customer support: on occasion we've needed to contact someone at Linode for assistance, and they always answer within just a couple of minutes, and they are amazingly knowledgeable. Their services are reliable overall, they are continuously working to improve their infrastructure, and their prices are reasonable. If it weren't for a poorly handled security incident in 2012, we'd be perfectly happy with them.

Shopify is the best way to build an online store right now. We've worked with a number of ecommerce platforms, including osCommerce, Zen Cart, and Magento. They all have serious problems that require constant attention. Shopify is a hosted service that allows you to build an online store and focus on managing your products, while they take care of security and making sure the servers are always on. Shopify is unique in that you can completely modify all aspects of your online store to match the look and feel of your website. We can help you set up and run a Shopify store for your business, including developing a custom theme or integrating downloadable products into your store.

We use software from TechInline to provide remote desktop support for our clients. They have great pricing for small shops, great service, and their software has been reliable and trouble-free.