Expert technical support for you

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P.O. Box 2911
Grass Valley, CA 95945
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    Reduce your tech-related stress at home.

     •   Home computer setup, troubleshooting, and repair

     •   Printer setup and troubleshooting

     •   Home theatre setup and troubleshooting

     •   Wireless and other network setup or troubleshooting

     •   Affordably safeguard your personal documents & family photos

     •   Easy, convenient scheduling

     •   Pay when the job is done

     •   Have a phone number to call any time you have a technical question

     •   We'll work with low or fixed income households

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    On-demand I.T. for your business

     •   Server and network setup and troubleshooting

     •   Systems integration and administration

     •   Centralized, automatic backups of your business data

     •   Network security services

     •   We work well with your existing I.T. personnel

     •   Get helpful responses from uncooperative vendors

     •   No hidden fees, contracts, or retainers

     •   Net 30 invoicing

  • Enterprise

    We provide top-tier expertise in most aspects of information technology at less cost than a part-time employee.

    Let us improve your systems automation, assist your existing I.T department with a project, handle routine maintenance, develop custom software, secure your network, safeguard your data, or monitor your key services. We have experience with government-funded networks, school district data centers, and I.T. for national corporations.

    Whether you have existing I.T. personnel and need to cut costs on routine maintenance, or you need a specific project completed, or you're looking for a company that can handle all of your I.T. needs without the logistical and financial costs of permanent staffing, we can come up with a plan that will work for you.

    Contact us today for a free consultation.

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    Managed Antivirus

    Let us take the guess work out of keeping your PC safe.

     •   We monitor the health of your system remotely

     •   Your Antivirus license never expires

     •   If a virus scan finds something, we are automatically alerted

     •   We verify that your system's malware protection is up-to-date

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    Managed Backups

    Keep your data safe and secure without breaking the bank.

     •   50GB cloud storage for personal or business data

     •   Your files back up to the cloud securely and effortlessly

     •   Files back up in real time as you make changes

     •   Includes our managed Antivirus service

  • ...and more

    We also handle...

     •   Virus cleanups for a flat fee of $195/incident;

     •   Data recovery;

     •   Vendor coordination and project management;

     •   Wireless network management;

     •   Full office network and IT build-outs;

    ...and a whole lot more.