Expert technical support for you

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Grass Valley, CA 95945
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    Reduce your tech-related stress at home.

     •   Home computer setup, troubleshooting, and repair

     •   Printer setup and troubleshooting

     •   Home theatre setup and troubleshooting

     •   Wireless and other network setup or troubleshooting

     •   Affordably safeguard your personal documents & family photos

     •   Easy, convenient scheduling

     •   Pay when the job is done

     •   Have a phone number to call any time you have a technical question

     •   We'll work with low or fixed income households

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    On-demand I.T. for your business

     •   Server and network setup and troubleshooting

     •   Systems integration and administration

     •   Centralized, automatic backups of your business data

     •   Network security services

     •   We work well with your existing I.T. personnel

     •   Get helpful responses from uncooperative vendors

     •   No hidden fees, contracts, or retainers

     •   Net 30 invoicing

  • Enterprise

    We provide top-tier expertise in most aspects of information technology at less cost than a part-time employee.

    Let us improve your systems automation, assist your existing I.T department with a project, handle routine maintenance, develop custom software, secure your network, safeguard your data, or monitor your key services. We have experience with government-funded networks, school district data centers, and I.T. for national corporations.

    Whether you have existing I.T. personnel and need to cut costs on routine maintenance, or you need a specific project completed, or you're looking for a company that can handle all of your I.T. needs without the logistical and financial costs of permanent staffing, we can come up with a plan that will work for you.

    Contact us today for a free consultation.

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    Managed Hosting

    We wanted amazing managed hosting services at affordable prices ... so we built our own.

     •   Linux virtual servers on redundant hardware

     •   No bandwidth fees or overages, servers are all on high bandwidth connections

     •   No additional storage fees

     •   Our software is always up-to-date

     •   Servers have been configured with an emphasis on speed and security

     •   24/7 monitoring and rapid handling of any problems

     •   Multiple daily backups going back a full year, including email

     •   Really fantastic built-in website statistics

     •   Talk directly to a server administrator whenever you call

  • Software development

    Your business processes are what sets you apart from your competition. Improve your inventory tracking, integrate different systems together, perform statistical modeling of your business, or just free up some of your staff to do more valuable work for you.

    Contact us to find out how.

  • ...and more

    We also handle...

     •   Virus cleanups for a flat fee of $85/incident;

     •   Data recovery;

     •   Vendor coordination and project management;

     •   Wireless network management and build-outs;

    ...and a whole lot more.